Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Style

What I'm Wearing
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What My Mom Is Wearing

Look who made a special appearance on the blog today!  I’ve been wanting to do a post with my mom for awhile now, but we just never got around to doing it.  With Mother’s Day coming up in just a couple of days, we had the opportunity to partner up with New York & Company and it just felt like a great fit and the perfect time to do a shoot together.  As most of you know by now, I am very close with my mom.  She’s really become my best friend and we only get closer as the years go by.  She’s also my photographer and my biggest supporter.  It was so much fun to have her get in front of the lens since she is always the one behind it.  My sister actually played photographer for us, so it made this shoot even more special!  We were battling the wind, like always, and as you can see from the photos we were just being our silly selves.  :) 

I grew up wanting to wear all of my mother’s clothes.  She had a pair of shoes and matching bag for literally every outfit. I was in awe. My love for bold colors and prints most definitely came from her.  The way she dresses truly matches her personality. She’s vibrant and just this little ball of energy.  If you watched my snapchats from our night out in Atlantic City this past weekend then you know exactly what I mean!  She taught me a lot about style and putting outfits together.  As I have gotten older though, I am now the one who gives her the fashion tips! I actually love styling her and I know she enjoys it too. She’s told me that since I blog about fashion, she wants to make sure she’s a stylish mama. Ha! We had so much fun shopping together at New York & Company and trying on different things from their new Mother’s Day collection. It’s filled with bright colors and lots of bold prints.  I immediately fell in love with this floral skirt for her from the Eva Mendes line.  I swear it just screamed her name.  My mom had actually stopped wearing dresses and skirts for a very long time after she hurt her knee, so it makes me happy to see her dressing up again. She stays away from heels now though, so these ballet flats were perfect, especially since she loves to match! She wore this entire outfit over the weekend in AC. :)

I instantly fell in love with these pink heels, so I wanted to find a dress that would work well with them. I thought this white one from the Eva Mendes line was a great choice, especially since I am all about white lately.  These shoes added the perfect pop of color for spring. My sister actually wants to borrow this dress and wear it to my niece’s baptism this summer.  It’s great for so many different occasions.  I just kept the look super simple because to be honest, I wanted my mom to be the one to stand out in these photos. I think she looks beautiful!  I love being able to share so much of what I do with her and it’s only made our bond that much stronger.  I cherish these moments that I have with her.  I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend AND her birthday!  If you or your mom are still on the hunt for a great Mother’s Day outfit, make sure to check out the new collection at New York & Co! Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you would like me to do any more with my mom in the near future. <3 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by New York & Company and RewardStyle.  All opinions expressed are my own and this was not edited by any third parties.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Love Affair With Fashion!


  1. You both are so adorable. ❤️­čśŐ

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  3. I think this is my favorite post ever, girly! I love that your mom made an appearance on the blog. She's already won our hearts on Snapchat, and now she's a momma-blogger too hehe :) I think I just relate so much since my mom and I are crazy close and she's my photographer as well. I truly love this so much, I can't even express it enough! <3

    Stephanie | drunkonvogue.com

    1. You're so sweet thanks Stephanie! So happy you love my snaps with her haha! Good to know you have a great relationship with your mom too! <3

  4. Your mom is beautiful. So awesome you have such a close relationship with her. Reminds me of my mom and I :)


    1. You are so sweet thank you! It's so amazing to have a close relationship with her and so good to hear you are close with your mom too. <3

  5. Naty, I LOVE these photos of you and your mom, especially the last one, SO cute and fun! Your mom is beautiful and such a great photographer! You always have such lovely pics that are always clear and well shot, go mama! I love both of your looks, so vibrant and stylish. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! I know it will be even more special as now your sister is a new mama, too, so I hope you all enjoy the time spent celebrating! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful week so far, beautiful!



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