Friday, October 30, 2015

Life Chats

As a follow-up to last week, I am already feeling much better.  While I am still overwhelmed, I've tried to change the way that I am handling everything as well as my outlook on it all.  There is really so much for me to be thankful for at the moment and it can be easy to look past that at times.  I don't want to forget!  We tend to cover up our blessings with our struggles and focus more on the stress factors than we do on the great things happening around us.  So much of how we feel connects to our way of thinking.  It's like that quote, "Change your thoughts, Change your life."  I firmly believe that. It may not always be the easiest thing to do and trust me, as I am sure you have seen with these posts, I definitely have my moments of weakness.  However, it really is so essential and makes all the difference. 

It's completely normal to get into a funk or to feel bad about certain aspects of life, however it's so important to also be able to snap out of it too.  The longer you carry that all around with you, the heavier your heart becomes and the harder it gets to mentally get out of that dark space.  Whenever I am going through the motions I remind myself that, "This Too Shall Pass." I sometimes tend to hold on to things that I know I need to let go of.  I need to stop trying to change what I cannot control and make adjustments for the things that I can.  I've been taking the time to truly reflect and get a better handle/perspective on everything in my life at the moment.  It has definitely helped. 
 So today, I am letting it all go! :) 

Instead of making this Life Chats as long as I typically do, I am just going to leave it on that note. Sometimes less is more.  I know that this is such a fun and hectic weekend with Halloween tomorrow.  Speaking of, still no idea what I am going to be.  I literally go through this every single year.  Hopefully I can pull something together by tomorrow.  I hope that you all have a blast this weekend and as always, thanks so much for checking out this post! <3 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Laced x Buttoned

I admit that I never actually thought I would wear a bodysuit like this.  It's not that I don't like this style, I actually love it, but I was always skeptical of bringing the girls out to play.  I feel like I made it work though! 

Skirt: H&M | Bodysuit: BooHoo | Boots: Stuart Weitzman [similar
Bag: H&M [love this] | Hat: H&M [also love]

All things lace-up are such a big trend this season and I honestly can't get enough.  I got this bodysuit several weeks ago and kept going back and forth on whether or not I could pull it off.  I was not really sure how to style it at first and wanted to make sure that I created an outfit that was chic & classy.  There's nothing wrong with a little sexiness, but it's important for me to always keep it tasteful.  My initial thoughts were that the girls would hang out a little too much.  I tied this as tight as I could to keep everything in place, but still left it open enough so that I didn't take away from it either.  I seriously never wear bodysuits so I couldn't help but feel like I was in Beyonce's video for Single Ladies. I also felt like the dancing girls emoji.  [insert them here]

In terms of the styling, I liked the idea of pairing this with my front button suede skirt.  These skirts are seriously everywhere right now and I love how they transition into the fall.  I am trying to wear as much of these pieces as possible before the winter hits.  I couldn't help but complete this outfit with my OTK boots again.  I think that they created a better balance with the look.  Seriously, I was not lying when I said you guys would see me in these a million times.  I also added my hat because I just think it was a great way to tie everything together. How do you feel about lace-up tops & front button skirts?  Are you over them or all about them? 

Thanks for checking out this post!  Have a great hump day loves. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cold Shoulder

Sweater: Dynamite | Jeans: Forever21 [similar] | Shoes: Target | Hat: Dynamite | Bag: Apt9

I'm giving [and getting] the cold shoulder, literally!  It was actually quite windy when I wore this outfit over the weekend. Off-the-shoulder tops have definitely made a comeback this year as I have been seeing them everywhere.  I think that this is my first time wearing the style in sweater form.  I actually prefer it this way.  Tops like this can be tricky to wear, especially when figuring out the best strapless bra to wear, [I hate staples bras] but I found it much easier with this sweater.  I admit though that part of the time I might have been giving too much shoulder plus a bit extra if you know what I'm saying. Oops.  I love this chunky/slouchy knit though! 

Burgundy is one of my favorite colors during the fall and I really like how it looks when paired with grey, so I decided to keep this combo through out.  I cannot stop wearing these knee ripped jeans!  I added on the hat last minute just to give this outfit something extra as it seemed too plain without it.  Hats are seriously one of the best accessories to throw on this season.  They really help to elevate your looks.  As you can see, no sunglasses... yay!  I even put on lashes, which I haven't done in what feels like forever.  I admit though that they really help to make my eyes pop. I might have to wear them more often. :) 

Hope that you are all having a lovely week so far!