Thursday, August 6, 2015

Culotte Shorts & Lace Ups

Ok, I couldn't stay away from printed shorts for too long.  I swear the've got some type of hold on me or something.  I must say though that these were one of my favorite pairs to style, so I definitely had some fun with this look! 

Shorts: ASOS | Top: Old (similar style
Bag: H&M [also love] | Shoes: Schutz [also love] | Necklace: Prima Donna [also here]

How cute are these little culotte shorts?  I was instantly drawn to the color combo & paisley print.  They're so summery and chic!  The first thing that I thought of pairing them with were the shoes. I got these lace up sandals a few months ago and never wore them.  I never really knew how I wanted to style them.  Sometimes I get something new and literally don't wear it for months.  Do any of you do that too?  Once these shorts came in and I tried them on, I just knew that they would be a perfect fit.  I really like the cognac with the colors in the print.  These would also look great with flats too.  I have a pair of gold slip on sandals that I was also tempted to wear with these. 

 When it came to the top, I didn't want to wear a crop or a blazer like I usually do.  I rummaged through my closet for awhile and came across this top that I got a year or two ago.  It's simple, but has a really cool imprint that shows up much better in person.  I love finding things that I have forgotten about because it always feels brand new again.  I just tucked it in and then added on my favorite statement necklace to make it pop out more.  I then decided to bring out the orange with this little cross body bag and completed it all with a matching lip.  :) 

Happy almost weekend! :) 


  1. The perfect summer outfit. Love the shorts.


  2. LOVE this outfit, especially since Orange is my favorite color. Question: are those shoes comfortable? I have heard that Schutz shoes are and I really like these and they may be my first pair to try.

    1. Thanks girl! These are actually way more comfortable then I expected them to be. Most of my Schutz shoes are and they're great quality. The only ones that hurt me were a pair of pumps so far.

  3. Love this outfit super cute. That necklace is really amazing.
    Xoxo Nicole

  4. I am still obsessing over these heels, they are too perfect!

    Xo, Megan,