Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Burgundy & White

I've had denim & oversized pieces on repeat lately.  I feel like I go through phases.  There was a time when I wore everything except jeans and now I just can't seem to get enough!  

Outfit Details 

Cardigan: Ruche / Top: H&M (similar) / Jeans: Dittos 
Shoes: Aldo  / Bag: Apt9 / Sunglasses: ThreadSence

As you can see in some of these photos, it was super windy!  I mean, look at that hair flip up there. [haha] I thought it was a cool shot so wanted to share. :) I kept things really simple with the burgundy & white color scheme.  Long cardigans, well actually long pieces in general, are one of my favorite things to wear.  I brought this with me to Austin and was planning to style it with my distressed denim shorts.  That never happened though, so I decided to style it with jeans instead.  Pieces like this one are extremely versatile and I am all about things that I can wear repeatedly in new ways.  

Some girls seem surprised when I tell them how short I really am.  They've said that they never thought they could wear certain things because of being short.  Well, don't let your height stop you from trying out different styles!  Believe it or not, we can rock things just like the taller girls can.  #petitelove <3

Monday, March 30, 2015

White Trench

Happy Monday!  I had the most amazing weekend celebrating my friend's wedding and being a bridesmaid!  But boy, am I hurting today.  I am definitely not a spring chicken anymore. [lol] I think today will be a "3 cups of coffee" kind of Monday. 

Outfit Details 

Coat: Style Era / Shirt: Melao (similar style) / Jeans: Dynamite (similar style)
Shoes: Nine West (platform style) / Clutch: Ecco / Necklace: Prima Donna 

As you can see, I have still not learned my lesson with wearing the color white.  Oh well.  I could not resist this coat.  I believe it's considered a duster coat, but I always call them trench coats.  It reminded me a little bit of my mustard one, but this one is much longer.  I am only 4'11 though, so if you are taller it will definitely be shorter on you.  Regardless of my height and the coat's length, I still love it!  I actually prefer longer length coats on me, as long as they don't reach the ground.  I have definitely been in a denim phase lately, so I decided to pair this with my high waist skinny jeans and a white blouse tucked in.  I was a bit torn on which shoes I wanted to wear, but ended up doing my favorite snakeskin pumps.  I've seriously worn these so many times!  The statement necklace was added to pop out the look and I decided on this clutch to incorporate a different color in the mix.  It's a dark shade of green, but I see it as a neutral and thought it complimented the shoes very well.  

No sunglasses today!  I know I wear them all the time and there are a couple of different reasons why.  For one, I just feel like they make every outfit better.  It's just a personal preference.  Another reason is because half the time, it looks like I am squinting when I don't have them on.  It's obviously much easier for me to shoot indoors with no sunglasses since there is no sunlight then to do that outside.  My eyes tend to look very small.  And to be completely honest, sometimes I just don't feel like doing a full face of makeup and sunglasses are a great way to cover up those tired eyes. [insert the Kanye shrug emoji, which is that creepy looking girl with big eyes and stiff shoulders lol] Anyway, I am planning for more beauty posts soon, which means that I have been playing around more with my makeup.  Yay!  So I decided no shades with this look. :) 

Have a great day!  March is almost over.  Eek! <3

- Similar Look - 

Friday, March 27, 2015

I Don't Do Mornings

This was my, "I did not want to get dressed today," outfit.  Sometimes I really just want to throw on the most comfortable pieces and call it a day! 


Outfit Details 

Denim Jacket: Lovers & Friends / Sweatshirt: Charlotte Russe (old)
Leggings: HUE / Sneakers: Target / Backpack: BooHoo (love this one)

I think I recently mentioned that I am having a moment with sneakers.  Actually, I am having a moment with flats in general.  I still love my heels, of course, and will always wear them, but I am trying to incorporate more flats into my wardrobe.  I found these little white canvas kicks at Target and even though they will get dirty quick, I just couldn't resist!  They are super easy to throw on with any casual outfit. 

This sweatshirt is perfect for me because it says, "I don't do mornings."  I am so not a morning person so this matched my mood perfectly the day I wore this.  I love that it's a bit long and oversized making it extra comfy.  I threw on this oversized denim jacket as well to complete the look.  It's different from all my other denim jackets and the rips & tears give it a nice casual edge.  The last thing I added was my little backpack and decided to one strap it this time.  :) 

I am in my first wedding tomorrow!! Eek! Hope you all have a great weekend.