Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leopard Pumps & Disco Pants

Outfit Details 

Sweater: Dynamite / Pants: Girls On Film  / Shoes: Tamar Collection 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Scarf: H&M (similar) / Bracelet: T&J

A little bit of sunshine and I act like it's spring!  I swear when the temps go up, even if just for a little bit, the coat comes off.  

My leopard obsession is pretty obvious at this point.  I didn't even realize how much I have been wearing it lately.  So crazy how a few years ago I was not a big fan of it.  I guess now it's safe to say that I just can't get enough. Does this ever happen to you?  Lately I find myself gravitating more towards solids as the basis of my outfits and then incorporating a printed piece into the mix.  Leopard heels, especially since they act as a neutral, are the perfect way to do this.  I have been having fun trying to pair different colors with this print and I fell in love with this coral and black combo.  This is the same V-neck sweater I wore in a post last week just in a different color.  When I love something so much, I sometimes like to get more than one. :)

 I know I have been wearing black bottoms so much lately, but these have got to be my new favorite pair.  They're similar to the disco leggings at American Apparel, but I like the fit better on these.  They're high waisted and have zippers at the ankles too.  The shine is also a nice way to dress up some outfits this season.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Such a cute sweater. The color is somewhat soft & feminine and compliments your lipstick perfectly.


  2. I love this color combination! Great shoes too :)

    Stylista Fitness

  3. I do the same thing with certain trends..like I wasn't a huge fab of crop tops but now I love them! I got a pair of similar leopard pumps a couple months ago and they were such a great purchase. Love your outfit!


  4. Loving everything about this outfit. Those pumps are lovely too, ordered me a pair!