Friday, February 28, 2014

Edgy Twist

Whenever I get asked to define my personal style, I always say chic with an edgy twist. There are times when I love to be super dressed up and feminine, while other times I prefer a more laid back & edgy look.  So today, it's all about the latter again :)

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (love this one) / Jeans: (old) Forever21(similar)
Top: H&M / Boots: Bucco (here) c/o / Scarf: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Lately, faux leather moto jackets have been just as much of a staple for me as my blazers.  They look great with so many things and they're such a quick and easy way to add a bit of edginess.  Plus, they easily transition into next season.  This one in particular ended up matching perfectly with these boots.  How fab are these by the way?!
I didn't want this to come off too "matchy matchy" so I was trying to find a color that would really pop and compliment the grey.  This plum top worked best and I think that this might be a new favorite combo for me.  I realized that this scarf had both colors in the print, so it was a great way to tie the whole look together.  I definitely keep things simple with my style, but I do enjoy mixing colors, textures and throwing in little elements of surprise!

On Monday, I am going to San Francisco for 2 days to kick off a really fun campaign. I can't wait to share all of the details with you guys soon!  I am definitely looking forward to getting away from the east coast for a bit as it is back down to the 20s again.  This winter is never ending!

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Cheers to the weekend.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

#ChelseaHallGirl + GIVEAWAY

Over the last couple of outfit posts, I have been showcasing different frames from
 Rivet & Sway and now I can share all the fun details with you about their #ChelseaHallGirl campaign!

Named after the Chelsea location of New York and inspired by the androgynous 70s, the Chelsea Hall collection is "An ode to the women of the 70s who broke every rule of style only to define an era of it.  We're talking Gloria Steinem and bold New York.  A little bit androgynous, a lot fearless and beautiful always." 

My love for sunglasses is no secret.  I've always thought that they're the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  And now after having some fun with colorful frames, I'm starting to feel the same way about them too!  I have to admit that at first I was a little unsure of how the pink and turquoise frames would work for me.  I've only worn black ones before so this was a little outside my comfort zone.  But I have to say that they really added a nice touch to my outfits.  I totally tapped into my inner "geek" and I kind of want that part of me to stay around :) Whether you need to wear glasses or not, they are still so much fun to incorporate into your looks.  I wear contacts, but I actually need to fill a prescription for glasses as I am long overdue!  Which ones do you think I should get?!

The really cool thing about Rivet & Sway is that they have a free home try-on service.  You are able to pick out 5 different pairs of frames, keep them for 5 days to try at home, and then decide which pair(s) you want to purchase. They come with demo lenses and beautiful packaging. The first pair of frames is $169 and then $99 for each additional pair in the same order.  These prices include the frames, prescription lenses, coatings, shipping AND a personal stylist to help you decide which frames will work best for your face shape and features.  You can get frames without prescription lenses to wear them as a fashion accessory or even get frames with no lenses at all.

When Rivet & Sway contacted me with the challenge to pick out 5 pairs and style them all differently, I was all for it!  I wanted to make it a mix of both fun frames and sunglasses.  It's funny because the pairs that I was a little hesitant about at first ended up being my favorites!  That's why I think it's so important to be open to trying new things, and that goes for all aspects of life. You never know what the outcome will be :)

The really fun part about this whole campaign is doing a GIVEAWAY!  I know that I have been long overdue for one.  So TWO WINNERS will get a pair of frames from Rivet & Sway.  All you have to do is enter through the widget below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A #ChelseaHallGirl is following her dreams and pursuing her vision.  She is fearless, bold, and passionate.  Know someone who fits this description?  Or maybe its YOU!  You can share her or (your) story HERE and enter for a chance to win a featured interview on their blog plus a free pair of frames or sunglasses.  

Make sure to check out my #ChelseaHallGirl interview on the Rivet & Sway blog.  It also includes some fun MadLibs! Don't forget to enter the giveaway and good luck to you all!  I hope this post makes you look at frames in a new way :)

Happy Thursday <3

*This post has been sponsored by Rivet & Sway, but all opinions expressed are my own and this has not been edited by any third parties. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Vibes

Of course the day I post this outfit it starts snowing again haha Well I enjoyed the little glimpse we had of spring even if it was short lived!  Here are some fun colors to brighten up this day :)

Blazer: Zara (similar) / Shirt: Forever21 (here) / Jeans: H&M 
Shoes: Breckelles (similar style) (also love) / Sunglasses: H&M (similar

I have really grown to love playing around with colors and the blue/yellow combo has become a favorite.   Of course you can do this any time of the year, but it's always more fun with a little bit of sunshine.  This blazer has made yet another appearance on the blog.  I have definitely lost count of the amount of times I have worn this, but one thing's for sure... that $90 was well spent!  It's been just about 2 years since I purchased it and it's still in great condition.  Thank you Zara! I really wanted to play off of the blue in this floral top so that the blazer could be the focal point, so these shoes and mirrored aviators were the final pieces to complete it all.

If you typically shy away from color play, I really encourage you to give it a shot!  There are so many different combinations to try and it's another great way to show off your personality and style.  I've always loved this quote, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out." 

Have a happy hump day beauties!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pink Lady

Can I just start by saying WOOHOO for bare legs 2 days in a row! It was in the 50s this past weekend, which felt like summer for us east coasters, and it was nice to let my legs breathe for a change.  In my mind, winter is over and I'm already trying to transition into next season! 

Coat: (old) H&M (similar style) / Dress: (old) Forever21 (similar style)
Clutch: Charlotte Russe / Shoes: PoshMark (also love) / Glasses: Rivet & Sway c/o 
Necklace: Furor Moda / Bracelets: Alex & Ani (here)

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, then you might remember this dress and coat.  I've worn both pieces a few times before and I'm happy that I've held on to them.  I look at stripes as a neutral, so it's fun pairing them with bold colors and/or prints.  This look was unplanned but came together pretty well at the last minute.  I knew that I wanted to match the coat and glasses, but I wanted to wear something that wouldn't be too expected and this dress seemed like a good fit.  I've always been a fan of the pink/black combo, so I decided to match my shoes and bag with the stripes.  I feel like it all kind of balanced itself out.  

This is my last geek chic look... for now!  I have to admit that I've really enjoyed wearing all of these frames.  Stay tuned for this Thursday where I will be going into detail about my fun collab with
  Rivet & Sway.  

Happy Tuesday lovelies.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

School Girl

Happy Monday!
I'm channeling my inner school girl today.  I actually went to a Catholic grammar school and our uniforms were kind of hideous.  If I was able to create my own school uniform, it would probably look something like this.  

Coat: SheInside (here) c/o / Button Down: Forever21 (similar)
Skirt: SheInside (here) / Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Bag: olivia + joy / Glasses: Rivet & Sway c/o 

I think I'm forming a new obsession with button downs.  I've always considered them to be a staple piece and I have worn different styles before, but a white button down is just so classic.  They've been great for layering this winter season and they are also great for transitioning into the spring.  (Which by the way I have to say that this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous!)
Once I paired it with this faux leather skater skirt, a trendy school girl came to mind.  I thought that this coat would be the perfect piece to complete the look.  Instead of just putting it on regularly, I decided to let the ends of the sleeves show through, which sort of makes it seem like this is a blazer.  I love the lapel and the print.   I'm wearing another pair of frames to compliment this geek chic look and as I mentioned last week, I will be going into more detail about all of the glasses that I have been wearing lately.  And last but not least, a pop of color is always welcomed in my book and this bag and lipstick did the trick :)

It's another beautiful day so make sure to enjoy it loves!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Happy Friday babes!

Pants: HUE (similar) / Jacket: Charlotte Russe (here) c/o / Top: Dynamite 
Shoes: Forever21 (similar style) / Bag: H&M / Sunglasses: Rivet & Sway c/o 
Necklaces: Tiny Love- Furor Moda / Monogram & Chevron: Wild Butterfly

Just like the foil brocade ones I wore in a previous post, I consider these to be more of a pant then leggings. You might remember when I wore these back on Christmas Day.  I've been wanting to style them again differently, so when I got this jacket I knew that it would be a great pairing.  The gold hardware makes it that much better.  I stuck with the same color palette, but this look is a little more edgy and casual.  This gold snakeskin print is sick.  HUE seriously has a great selection.

I've been loving the whole necklace layering trend so I decided to wear all three of these lovely pieces.  It's a nice change from the big statement necklaces that I typically do.  I wanted a bright lipstick to liven this up a little more and this shade is one of my current favorites!

Cheers to the weekend!