Friday, January 31, 2014

Edgy Friday

Another Friday is here and I'm wrapping this week up with something edgy. 

Dress: Lovers & Friends (here) c/o / Jacket: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Booties: Forever21 (similar style) / Tights: H&M
Clutch: Galian/ Monogram Love: WildButterfly
Tiny Love: Furor Moda/ Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe 

This dress is from the new L&F spring collection. It's sleeveless, but I wanted to wear it now so that I could show a fun way to style it during the winter time.  The temperatures went up a little yesterday, thankfully, so I ditched the heavy coats for a few.   I wanted to play off the top black lining, so I thought the best option would be this faux leather jacket, some tights, and comfy booties.  Do you guys remember when I first got these boots?  I said that I would be wearing them a lot... and I did not lie! lol You could also dress this up more of course, but I wanted to go for more of a casual, edgy vibe.  I've got a double dose of LOVE going on with these two different necklaces.  You can never have enough love, right?!  I like this little feminine touch amidst the studs and leather.  

I've been getting some questions on instagram about what I use to curl my hair.  I use the Remington 1-1/2" wand and after I curl each piece, I run my fingers through to loosen the curls or I brush through with a wide paddle brush.  This really helps to give more of a natural look opposed to having such tight curls.  I've definitely learned that along the way.  When I first started using a wand, I probably looked like Shirley Temple.  I think my hair always looks best the day after I curl it too.  I seriously need to get my behind back on youtube and one of the first videos I plan on doing is a new hair tutorial.  But I need to just stop saying it and do it already!  (hands covering eyes emoji)

Check out my interview with Modesphera!
 Have a stylish weekend. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Day, Another Coat

Happy Thursday loves.  This week is flying by!  Can't even believe that it's about to be February already.  That means we are getting closer to spring!

Coat: Choies (here) c/o / Sweater: H&M (similar
Jeans: Dittos (here) c/o / Boots: Charlotte Russe (sold out online-but also like)
Bag: Galian(here) c/o / Love Necklace: Furor Moda 
 Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here)/ Rings: Tanya Kara 

I wore this coat for the outside scenes when filming for the Lucky campaign.  I love the plaid and this color combo is perfect for winter so I couldn't wait to do an outfit post with it.  I am honestly so tired of shooting in coats and layers.  I think I've had enough already lol This polar vortex is for the birds!  As soon as the temperatures rise this weekend I am taking full advantage.

 I wanted to bring out the tan/mustard shade in the print, so this sweater ended up being the perfect match. I wore it over the weekend too.  I swear every time I buy something new I end up wearing it a bunch of times right away.  And I had to bring out these buckle boots again! They really took this outfit up a notch (literally... I mean look at those heels ha!).  I also added this metallic snake tote to the look which is such a great statement piece as well.  Metallics and gold hardware are definitely my thing.

I've been trying out some new skincare products from Olay that I can't wait to blog about.  It's only been a couple of days but my skin has been so smooth and I am already seeing improvements.  I'm really looking forward to adding more beauty elements to the blog!

Have a great day loves!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My "Boyfriend's" Coat

This is my menswear inspired look from brunch and shopping in Soho this Sunday.

Oversized Coat: H&M (here)/ Shirt: Target (similar)
 Jeans: Dittos (here)/ Booties: Forever21 (also love)/ Scarf: H&M
Chevron Necklace: Wild Butterfly (here) c/o

I don't have a boyfriend but if I did, this is probably what it would look like if I wore his coat haha
I went shopping at H&M the other day looking for some last minute pieces for this past weekend and I became obsessed with this.  It's supposed to be oversized, but since I am so petite, it looks REALLY oversized on me.  I can't lie though, I actually really like it.  I'm realizing that I am starting to gravitate towards items that I never thought I would wear.  So I decided to get it and just go for it. Since it was really cold and we were going to be on our feet the whole day, I just wanted to be cozy and comfortable.  I literally could have fit another person under my coat with me if need be lol I went with a simple long sleeve red shirt underneath to add a pop of color.  I've been LIVING in this hat.  I'm starting to think it's glued to my head, but it's just been the perfect winter accessory this season.

It really was just an incredible weekend and I am very thankful that I had this opportunity and experience.  Looking back to when I first did the casting, I remember that I was so close to not even doing it.  I'm just really happy that I went for it.  Filming yesterday is something that I will never forget. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone as I am not used to doing things like this.  But I have to say that I would really love to do more filming in the future.  This whole experience just opened up a new world for me.  It's also taught me that I seriously need to stop being so hard on myself.  It's a constant battle, but I am really working at it.  Thank you so much to the Lucky and P&G Beauty team and the awesome guys at SpreadHouse. And lots of love to my fellow voices of beauty: Nikki, Katie and Amy <3

Have a lovely day!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

NVB Weekend Recap

Hi loves!  I've been in the city all weekend for the New Voices Of Beauty campaign and I've been having such a great time so I just wanted to share some of it with all of you.  We are going to be filming all day today so I'm both nervous and excited to see how this goes! We've been staying at the Dream Downtown hotel which is absolutely beautiful. On Saturday I got to meet the other 3 winners, Nikki, Katie and Amy.  Everyone is so sweet.  Yesterday we had brunch with the Lucky and P&G Beauty team and then went shopping in Soho.  So much fun!  It's crazy that I never come to Soho to go shopping and yet I live so close to the city.  I really love it down here though and definitely need to come back more often.  I got a really cute pair of pants at TopShop that I can't wait to wear! 

I finally upgraded and got the iPhone 5S so most of these photos are from my phone.
The first day I just hung out at the hotel with the girls and ate.. a lot... :)

Awesome gift bags from Lucky.

Every room has these amazing windows. Love.

My view!  Cold and wet streets from the snow. 

Wore this on Saturday.  I've been living in this hat!  With the cold and wet weather it's just the best thing.

Champagne! My reservation was booked under Naty Michele instead of my full name, so this whole weekend I've been called Ms. Michele haha 

Tuna tacos and flatbread on the rooftop.  Crazy how at 5:30pm it was already a party up there!

And then room service... I love food too much.

 My menswear inspired look yesterday that will be on the blog tomorrow! 

Great brunch at Mercer Kitchen in Soho.  

With the other voices of beauty: Katie, Nikki, Amy and Jamie from P&G Beauty :)

Champagne & shopping with Nikki at TopShop.  It was actually my first time at the TopShop store and I fell in love. 

Quick outfit change for some grub at night. 

Wish I had taken more photos but the time is going by so quickly this weekend. I will be trying to capture some behind the scenes from the video shoot for sure.  It's super early right now and my call time is at 8am! Can't wait to share more with you.
Have a great day loves!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Western Vibes

Happy Friday!

Coat: Desigual (50% off in store) c/o / Jeans: Habitual (here)
Hat: Official Crown Laurel (here) c/o 
Bag: Galian / Shoes: Charlie By Mz (similar)

I've got a little Western vibe going on today!  Oh how I wish I was on the west coast right now soaking up some sun.  I also feel like I'm incognito with the long black coat and hat.  When it's really cold out and you're having a bad hair day, all you have to do is throw on a hat and it pretty much solves both problems.  Well, at least for me it does.  I am definitely beginning to have an obsession with hats this season.  They're fun to mix and match with many looks.  I've really been wanting another black coat for awhile now so when I saw this one with the printed detailing, I fell in love.  It's so simple but beautiful.  Desigual is having a huge sale on their winter coats right now. I really wanted to wear pants that would pop, so these skinnies ended up working best. I think I have lost count of how many times I have already worn them on the blog. And I'm sure they'll be back again soon :) My feet were cold I cannot lie! But I thought the pumps worked better than my booties. Also, I added this creme scarf to brighten up the top half a little bit.

  I will be in NYC all weekend for the contest that I won with Lucky and P&G Beauty so I am really excited (also nervous) to shoot our video campaign!  I just found out that we will be filming outside so by the time we wrap up, I may be frozen.  I really can't wait to share it all with you. I will also be having a lot of new beauty content on the blog starting in February.  I've been wanting to expand on beauty topics so this is a great way for me to do it. Thanks so much again to all who voted for me and all of the well wishes.  As always, I truly appreciate your support and kindness.  Sending you my love!

Happy Weekend babes.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Easy Hairstyles

Let's talk hair!  
These are four easy hairstyles that you can try whenever you are in the mood to switch things up.  I sometimes get into a funk where I am always doing the same thing.  But these are definitely some of my go-to looks when I am looking for a change. 

1.  The High Bun- I call it the "instant chic factor."  It's so sleek.  It works with so many different types of outfits.  I especially love doing it when I am wearing something with embellishments (like this collar) so that my hair does not get in the way.  

  All you need to achieve this look is a bun maker/donut (they come in different colors to match your hair), bobby pins to secure your hair around the donut, a comb to smooth out fly aways, and hair spray if you want more of a slicked back look. I've done a tutorial for this on my youtube awhile back.  Once you try it out a couple of times, it gets really easy.  You can also do a bun without the little donut, but this will give it more volume and a better shape. 

2. The Low Side Braid- It's cute, casual, and literally done within a few minutes, as long as you know how to braid.  I love doing it and then wearing a beanie on top to add a fun element to the look. This works best for me when my hair is not straight because of my layers.  It doesn't have to be super curly, it just needs some wave to it so that it's easier to braid. 

All you need is a curling wand or iron to give your hair some waves, a small elastic band to tie the end of the braid, a comb (optional) if you want to loosen up the braid for a messier look, and bobby pins to secure underneath the braid if you have layers like me.  I also like to leave out my side bangs and curl them with the wand. 

3. The Low Side Messy Bun- This is probably my favorite hairstyle because it's got an elegant and romantic feel.  It's definitely my go-to look when I have a special occasion or want to dress up my outfit more.  It's simple to do, but it does take a little bit of practice.  I think that every time I do it, it looks a little different, but in this photo above is when I think it came out the best. 

Your hair has to be curly in order to achieve this look.  All you have to do is bring it down to one side, twist it, and form a bun.  You do not have to put a rubber band around it.  Once you have created the bun, hold it in place with your hand and start putting bobby pins in to secure it all around.  You are going to use a lot of pins so make sure that they match your hair color.  Once it's completely secure, just use some hair spray.  I also leave my side bangs out and curled and then loosely pin them back to the bun.  

4. The Low Side Curly Ponytail- This is usually my second go-to look for a special occasion.  It's really simple, but it has both a playful and romantic vibe to it.  I also like to do this when I am having a bad hair day because it literally takes one minute to achieve this look.  

Again, you want to start out with curly hair.  Just bring your hair down and low to one side, create a ponytail using a small elastic band, gently pull and separate the ponytail to give it some volume, and then just add some hair spray.  I use bobby pins to secure my hair in the back so that it doesn't fall out.  And then I leave out my side bangs curled as you can see in the photo above. 

Basically with all of these looks, bobby pins will be your best friend.  Hair styles like this generally work better with day old hair.  Since I have layers, it's always easier for me to do these looks when my hair is not straight, but it might work different for you.  
Which style is your favorite?  I want to try out some new looks soon, so I plan to do a similar post again at some point :) I know these weren't full out tutorials, but hopefully they help and give you some hairspiration

Happy Thursday lovelies<3