Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Florals In A Field Of Leaves

One of the many things that I love about Autumn is the beautiful scenery that the fallen leaves create. Even though this isn't exactly a field, it kind of reminds me of one.  It is definitely starting to get colder over here which means I'll be shooting in lots of layers and jackets soon, so I am trying to take advantage of the little bit of warmth we are still experiencing (and by little, I mean little) :(

Blouse: (here) Choies/ Skirt: (similar and similar) Choies 
Shoes: (here) Forever2/ Lipstick: Catfight Urban Decay

Leather again?!  I just can't help it.  (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji)
This is really just the beginning of my obsession this season so please bear with me!  I recently got some more leather pieces that I will be wearing soon.  I loved the asymmetrical cut of this skirt.  It definitely adds some sex appeal to this look.  When wearing something that is a little sexy, I always like to balance it out with another piece that is more sophisticated.  It's a surefire way to keep it classy. 
 Florals will always be a love of mine no matter the time of year.  This color combo is perfect for fall and I especially love the leather collar and gold button details.  To kind of match with the buttons, I decided to wear my studded ankle strap pumps. I also tried out a new lipstick shade that matched with the floral print. This outfit ended up being a mix between chic & edgy, my fave! 

On another note, I finally cut my hair! I was way overdue.  I redid layers so my hair actually has some life again but now my ombre' is all gone :( I guess it's best to keep it this way for awhile.
Check out my newest post on Fearless Fashionista where I talk about my top 5 color trends this season! 

Have an amazing day loves!


  1. Gorgeous! I love love love that skirt, it's beautiful!

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  3. Oh my good god , you are stunning ,am absolutely loving your skirt and the way you mixed and matched that floral top with it, ...simply beautiful, chic and raw at the same time..
    Dab ...<3

  4. The leather collar on the shirt is really cute :)

    xo Ashley

  5. beautiful as always Naty

  6. such a beautiful outfit !
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  7. I'm loving florals this season and I love how you made such a sweet trend edgy by pairing it with leather. I recently styled a floral top but went for a more classic look with a houndstooth skirt...think I take a cue from you and spice things up a little bit more next time!