Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Trench & A Chunky Knit

This was my first time shooting in a snowy Central Park and it was beautiful!  Although it was snowing, the sun was shining bright.  I definitely need to spend more time there when the weather gets better.  I forget how amazing CP is sometimes.  Shame on me.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Outfit Details 

Trench Coat: Forever21 / Sweater: Forever21 / Pants: H&M (love these)
Boots: Nordstrom Rack (similar) / Hat: Prima Donna / Bag: Prima Donna (love this studded one)

When I first found this mustard trench coat, it immediately made me think of the spring.  I wanted to wear it now though, so I was thinking of ways to make it work for the winter too.  I think that we are at that point where we can slowly start to transition some spring pieces into our outfits.  Although it's still cold over here, there are definitely ways to do this.  Since a trench like this is so thin, layers underneath are a must.  I have on a long sleeve tee and then this chunky turtleneck knit on top.  I really love this combination of the mustard & grey. This is exactly how I tried the pieces on in the fitting room too.  I wasn't purposely trying to pair them together, but I ended up loving the combo. 

 Can you tell I have a major hat obsession?  So happy to finally have other colors and not just my black one, which I have literally worn a thousand times!  I am surprised that it's still in good condition.  Truthfully, with this winter weather, hair static is on a whole other level so throwing on a hat helps out a lot.  It's also a great solution for those days when you do not want to style your hair or let's just be real, when maybeeeee your hair is a bit dirty? lol I am guilty of this.  

Initially, I was planning to wear this outfit with jeans and booties, but when I saw the weather I thought it was best to wear knee high boots with black pants.  I love the faux leather detailing on these.  It's really those small things that make simple pieces stand out so much more.  The zippered bag also popped out a lot with this.   On a quick side note, I've been embracing nude lipstick so much more lately.  You guys know how much I love my red and even bold pinks, but there is something about a nude lip that I love.  It's subtle, but effective. 

Hope you have a great Thursday! <3 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plaid x2

Happy hump day!
Today's post is another 2 in 1.  These were really quick shoots. I'm trying to hurry up and finish all of these looks from last week so I can start fresh next week.  :) 

Outfit Details 

Coat: Forever21 / Sweater: Cotton On (love this) / Skirt: BooHoo / Shoes: BooHoo 
Clutch: Tommy Hilfiger / Scarf: H&M (similar)

I wore this first look in the morning to the Tommy Hilfiger and Angel Sanchez shows.  Both were amazing, but the production for Tommy this season was insane.  It literally felt like I was watching the show from a football stadium.  Plaid always makes me think of TH, so when I got this skirt I thought that it would be perfect.  I decided to pair it with this grey cropped fuzzy sweater that I scored for only $5 on sale at Cotton On!  It was too cold to wear it by itself though, so underneath I am wearing a white button down.  On top, I layered on an infinity scarf and this long white coat.  I hadn't gone to Forever21 in awhile, but I really love their coats this season.  This one was about $70, but I ended up getting it on sale for only $50.  I seriously love sales!  I was freezing, so right after I went back to change into something warmer. 

Outfit Details 

Coat: Desigual / Sweater: Cotton On (similar in dark purple) / Jeans: Dynamite (similar style)
Scarf: Dynamite (love this) / Hat: Prima Donna / Booties: Prima Donna / Bag: French Connection

I live so close to the city and I am always there, but I literally never shoot there.  Even though it was so cold out, I tried to take advantage of the city scenery.  I changed into jeans and booties, a different $5 Cotton On sweater (you know I had to get more than 1 lol) and of course my blanket scarf and hat!  I didn't really plan any of my casual outfits and literally just threw a bunch of things into my suitcase, so I am happy that it all ended up working out.  Definitely did not want to be dressed up and in high heels all day long.  The rest of this day was actually very chill with just coffee, lunch and then hanging out in my hotel room.  :) 

Have a great day loves and I promise only 2 more outfits from fashion week. <3 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Backpacking In NYC

Photos: Reinaldo

Outfit Details

Coat: Desigual / Sweatshirt: H&M (similar) / Shirt: Target / Gloves: Zara
Pants: HUE / Boots: Nordstrom Rack (similar) / Backpack: BooHoo / Beanie: H&M (similar)

I "backpacked" my way through the coldest day last week!  I didn't have much going on during the day so I hung out with friends and went to brunch before my show at night.  This outfit sort of came together last minute, but I really love how it turned out.  I layered uppppp!  I've got on a long sleeve shirt, a button down, a sweatshirt, coat and scarf then leggings, knee high socks, pants and boots.  I unbuttoned my coat to show more of my outfit, but believe me I was pretty much bundled up all day!  You can't really read the sweatshirt in these photos, but it says "Holy Chic!"  I found it last minute and grabbed it just in case, so I am happy that I ended up wearing it.  

I kind of felt like I was channelling Dora The Explorer with my backpack.  #natytheexplorer? 
I have loved this backpack trend for awhile now and I have to say, it felt much better than carrying a tote around all day.  It fit everything I needed inside as well.  It brings me back to my grammar school days when I would have my huge JanSport to lug around.  Ahhh, so much has changed since then! 

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday! <3