Friday, January 23, 2015

Boho Cozy Chic

Outfit Details 
Cardigan: H&M (love this-shorter style) / Dress: H&M (similar) / Boots: JLO / Hat: Prima Donna
  Scarf: AMI / Bag: French Connection / Necklace: Max & Chloe

I'm not really sure what to call this look.  I guess we can go with "Boho Cozy Chic."  Did I make that up?  Probably not, but let's just go with it. haha 

I wore this a few days ago for a fun night in the city (plus a coat) and it was just one of those days where I did not want to get super dressed up. I wanted to get creative with my outfit, but without putting in too much effort, if that makes any sense.  This oversized cardi is so comfortable so I immediately gravitated toward it.  I wore it before with jeans and booties, so this time I decided to throw it over a simple cotton dress with these OTK boots to make it a bit more dressy.  I then put on the hat for a fun element and this long necklace, which instantly adds a more boho feel.  If you have cardigans like this one, but feel stuck at times with how to wear them, try pairing them over a simple dress.  

Not sure if you have noticed, but lately a lot of what I have been wearing are older pieces and things that I have worn before.  I love reworking things in new ways because each time I come up with a different look.  I promise that this will happen for you too.  So the next time you feel like you have nothing to wear, even though that closet is overflowing, take a minute to pull out some of your favorite items.  Lay them out on your bed and challenge yourself to put together something new! 

My new blog design should be up in just a few more days! 
Wishing you all a happy weekend. <3

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Casual Valentine's Day Look

Outfit Details 

Blazer: Charlotte Russe (old, love this) / Jeans: Dittos / Sweater: Old Navy 
Shoes: Aldo (similar) / Bag: Galian / Scarf: Charlotte Russe 

Today's outfit involves lots of color for that mid-week slump.  I've been on a red kick since the holidays and since Valentine's Day is coming up soon, I decided to do a casual look for the day of L-O-V-E.  Even if you are single, you can still go out and celebrate with your other single girlfriends.  That's exactly what I will be doing.  I mean, it's another reason to go out for dinner and drinks.  Am I right?  Annnnnd 50 Shades Of Grey comes out that weekend too!  Still a little bummed that Chris Hemsworth is not playing Christian Grey, but I am going to see the movie anyway. :) 

For this look, I layered my bold red blazer on top of a simple white sweater.  This is another way to wear sweaters this season.  I added a printed scarf to bring a bit more dimension to the look.  My scarf collection is seriously getting out of control, but thankfully I have a bunch of options to help me get through the rest of this winter season.  I guess you can never have too many.  I went with distressed denim and a gold studded bag for a little edginess.  I like the balance of both dressy & casual with this outfit.  Something like this is perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day if you don't want to get too dressed up.  It's simple, but still bold. 

Do you have a valentine?
Have a fab day! <3 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leopard Pumps & Disco Pants

Outfit Details 

Sweater: Dynamite / Pants: Girls On Film  / Shoes: Tamar Collection 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Scarf: H&M (similar) / Bracelet: T&J

A little bit of sunshine and I act like it's spring!  I swear when the temps go up, even if just for a little bit, the coat comes off.  

My leopard obsession is pretty obvious at this point.  I didn't even realize how much I have been wearing it lately.  So crazy how a few years ago I was not a big fan of it.  I guess now it's safe to say that I just can't get enough. Does this ever happen to you?  Lately I find myself gravitating more towards solids as the basis of my outfits and then incorporating a printed piece into the mix.  Leopard heels, especially since they act as a neutral, are the perfect way to do this.  I have been having fun trying to pair different colors with this print and I fell in love with this coral and black combo.  This is the same V-neck sweater I wore in a post last week just in a different color.  When I love something so much, I sometimes like to get more than one. :)

 I know I have been wearing black bottoms so much lately, but these have got to be my new favorite pair.  They're similar to the disco leggings at American Apparel, but I like the fit better on these.  They're high waisted and have zippers at the ankles too.  The shine is also a nice way to dress up some outfits this season.

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Whites

I will never follow the whole, “No white after Labor Day” rule.  In fact, winter whites have been such a big trend for a while now.  Target challenged me to create three different looks focusing on the whole winter white theme.  I also had to do this by reworking some of the pieces in my current wardrobe.   There are seriously so many different outfit combinations hanging in our closets, especially when it comes to the color white.  It’s such a staple that can be styled in an endless amount of ways.  Here are the three white looks that I put together, from bold to subtle.

Outfit Details

Coat: OASAP / Shirt: Target / Pants: Love Culture (old, similar
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (love this) / Booties: Prima Donna 

For outfit 1, I wanted the base of my outfit to be all white, so I tucked a long sleeve tee into a pair of white pants and added a white tote.  I decided to incorporate some pink and neutral tones by wearing this coat, printed scarf and booties.  This is a great way to wear a lighter color palette during the winter season.  I definitely suggest stocking up on some plain white shirts. They are especially great for layering. 

Outfit Details 

Coat: Target (similar) / Shirt: Target / Pants: Charlotte Russe (old, similar
Shoes: Tamar Collection / Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff / Necklace: Prima Donna 

For outfit 2, I went with a monochrome look.  I wanted the focal point of this outfit to be the white coat.  I have wanted a white coat for such a long time and finally came across this one at Target.  It was on clearance for only $20!  This can literally be paired with anything and it will instantly give your outfit that “chic factor.”  I also added a pair of printed heels to break up the solids. 

Outfit Details 

Sweater: Aeropostale (old) / Button Down: Target / Jeans: Mossimo
Booties: Prima Donna / Bag: H&M 

For outfit 3, it was all about layering.  The white button down is extremely versatile, as you have seen me style this one top multiple times.  I especially love wearing it underneath sweaters.  I think it’s time for me to get a few more of these.  I added a white bag too, so that the white would stand out a bit more.  This is a more subtle way to wear this color this season. 

How will you wear winter whites? :) 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Fitness Friday

"I don't know if you heard, but I just did over 1,000.  It burns so deep." (in my best Ron Burgundy voice) lol Totally kidding because I only did 3 sets of 10. ;)

I briefly mentioned in a post this week that one of my resolutions was to get back in the gym and take better care of my body.  I'm happy to say that I re-enstated my membership in December and have been going over the last couple of weeks.  I have been weight training with a friend, which is completely new to me.  I've learned that I have strong legs, but such a weak core.  My upper body strength is not too great either, but that's what workouts are for.  I am slowly seeing some progress and I am excited to see more results over the next couple of months. I have also worked out with my sister too, who just started training again for her next big fitness competition this summer.  I think this will be her 5th one, which is amazing. She definitely inspires me to get back into shape especially when I see her incredible body transformations.  I thought it would be fun and different to do a fitness post with her and showcase a few of the workouts that she has me do.  This is actually something that I mentioned doing awhile back.  When H&M reached out to let me know about their newly expanded sports collection, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity. :) 

It's crazy how getting new workout gear can motivate you more.  At least for me that's the case.  I desperately needed to get new everything!  There are definitely so many stylish AND functional pieces too.  H&M's new sports collection (available online and in select stores) includes pieces that are capsuled for specific activities, such as Athletics, Running, Outdoor and Bodymind.  They are all at a great price point too.  This really helped when picking out my pieces.  I got a couple of different pairs of leggings, but the ones that I am wearing are my favorite. They are extremely comfortable to work out in. These are meant more for running outdoors, but I will pretty much live in them at the gym.  As you can see they have reflective details and zipper elements.  My sister has on a fun printed pair, which are so soft and easy to move around in as well. I love the high waist band on those.  I got a sports bra and a couple of seamless running tops too, including this pink one.  I personally don't like to workout in tops that are too tight fitted, so I usually go up a size to make them more comfortable to do exercises. I also just got these new kicks for the gym!  Seriously, feels like I am walking on clouds.    

Cardio is my favorite!  It's too cold for me to run outside now, so sometimes I go to the gym just to use the elliptical or treadmill.  When I go for weight training, I like to either start off with at least 15-20 minutes of cardio or I will end my workout with it.  As much as I like to just put on my headphones, turn up the music and get in my zone, it's also really nice having a workout buddy.  Definitely makes the experience more fun and motivating.  I also learn so much more too.  We worked out at the gym in my sister's condo. It's small, but had everything that we needed.  The lighting was not the best, so I apologize!

This is a flat bench chest press, which is an upper body strength training exercise.  It helps to develop muscles primarily in your chest, arms and shoulders.   In this photo, I was in the process of bringing my arms back down.  I usually do only 5 or 8lbs.  As I do this more often, I will increase the weight a little bit.

This is a chest press machine.  You'll be using your chest, shoulders and triceps during this workout.  You simply press out and return back.  I start out with 3 sets of 10.  I like this better than the flat bench press.

 Using a medicine ball is a great way to do some exercises for your core.  This is something that I need to get better at!  First, Jessalyn did crunches with the ball and then push-ups. She did 4 sets of 15 for both.  I can do regular crunches just fine, but doing them with a medicine ball makes it way more difficult.  

Guys, this was me after doing one. lol Yeah, I've got a lot of work to do.

On Me: H&M Running Tights, Tank, Sports Bra / Nike Women's Fitsole
On Jessalyn: H&M Sports Tights / Nike Women's Sneakers

My sister and I are so different.  Of course, I am in pink and she is in black and grey.  Whenever she needs fashion advice she comes to me and whenever I need fitness advice I go to her.  It's sort of like fashion meets fitness. :)  I'm really appreciative for her support and for helping me out with this post! I am no pro and doing something like this was very different for me, but I just wanted to share a little of what I have been doing at the gym.  Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future.  As I get better, so will these fitness posts!

Happy Weekend. <3

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