Thursday, March 5, 2015

Embracing Flaws

Today's post is very different from the usual, but it's a topic that I have wanted to shed some light on for awhile.  I came across this quote on Pinterest last night and it was a little reminder for me to finally write about it.  

I am not perfect.  You are not perfect.  No one is perfect.  That's the truth.  We all have flaws and they make us who we are.  Like the quote above says, perfection is uninteresting.  It is not realistic.  I don't know what it is about social media and the internet in general that makes so many of us feel like we need to portray this perfect image all of the time.  That is just not how life is.  All of my life, I have had my own insecurities that I have tried to work through.  For awhile, I would be extremely hard on myself about things. My friends would tell me that I was my own worst enemy. It made me take a step back and ask, "Why?  Why do you do this to yourself?"  On some level, I think I was doing it to protect myself.  I felt like if I pointed out my flaws to myself before anyone else did then it would hurt less when someone brought my imperfections to the light.  I just cared too much. 

I have been on this new personal journey and it's been very eye opening for me.  It's really made me see myself in a new light.  So many times we only see what is wrong about us instead of what is right.
We put ourselves down way too often and pick ourselves apart.  And then, we put a filter on it when what we really need to do is embrace who we are. Why are we so afraid of showing our flaws when every single person has them too?  If there is one thing that we all have in common it is that none of us are perfect.  I recently took a photo of a friend and she pointed out at least 3 things that she didn't like about herself in the picture.  I looked back at the photo and seriously did not notice any of those things that she pointed out.  I felt like we were looking at two completely different photos.  I said to her, "You have to stop.  You look gorgeous.  You ARE gorgeous."  But then I realized that this is how I have been for so much of my life.  Overanalyzing every flawed detail that probably wasn't even noticed by anyone else.  And even if it was, so what.  

If you haven't noticed by now, I have really bad posture.  I've had scoliosis since high school and this has been a huge insecurity of mine for many years.  People used to make fun of me and call me crooked.  Sometimes you can't see it, but other times it's very noticeable.  It sucks, but it could be worse.  Two of my bottom teeth are chipped.  Sometimes when I smile, my gums show because my teeth are small.  I have psoriasis that comes and goes, but when it comes, it gets really bad, especially on my legs.  My vision is horrible.  Without contacts or glasses, I cannot see a single thing.   Sometimes the bags under my eyes are so deep, it looks like I haven't slept in weeks.  I mean, this may all sound stupid or irrelevant, but these are some of my physical flaws and some of the insecurities that I have had and I don't want to hide behind them.  If I had perfect posture with perfect teeth and perfect skin and perfect vision and the perfect body, would I even be interesting?  Probably not. 

 The purpose of this post is to let you see more of who I am.  If you have been down on yourself or if you have your own personal insecurities, I hope that you were able to relate to this post in some way.  I hope that you can learn to see yourself in a brighter light and know that despite whatever imperfections you have, you are still beautiful.  We are all flawed and that is ok.  <3 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ninja Chic

Outfit Details 

Blazer: Cotton On (similar) / Sweater: Forever21 / Pants: Tobi (similar)
Sneakers: Any Warhol x Converse / Beanie: H&M / Necklaces: Rocksbox

Today's look is a bit different for me.  I have been trying to challenge myself to do more casual outfits.  I feel my style is changing up again and I really just want to play around with things a bit more.  I recently got these Andy Warhol x Converse sneakers.  They've got a tomato soup can print all over them.  I love converse.   I still have my favorite pair of black & white high tops that I will never get rid of, even though I don't wear them often.  They're classic.  And I love Andy Warhol.  His vision and creativity was really inspiring.  So having the two combined in one is pretty amazing!  

I'm not going to lie.  I had no idea how to wear these at first.  I've been gravitating more towards sneakers lately, but don't always know how I want to style them.  I put on these pants because I felt like the edginess of the knee rips would work well with the sneakers.  I've been going through a neutral phase lately, so decided to do all black and let the sneakers pop out.  I was playing around with different tops, but ended up loving the combo of the sweater and blazer.  By the way, scored this blazer for 50% off!  The last piece was this beanie because I did not want to style my hair.  I always feel like a ninja when I am dressed in all black, especially when I've got on a beanie.  #NinjaChic.  Can we make that a thing? :)  I also tried to channel my inner "bad ass."  Did it work?  Probably not. lol 

Happy hump day loves! 

-Get The Look-

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bringing Back The Boyfriend Jeans

I remember years ago when I got my first ever pair of boyfriend jeans and had absolutely no idea how to wear them.  Initially I was like, "Boyfriend Jeans?  These are not very flattering."  The more I played around with them though, I started to come up with better ways to style them.  Now, they are such a staple piece for me, especially during the spring.  I honestly prefer these over skinny jeans any day! 

Outfit Details 

Sweater: Target (similar) / Jeans: H&M (similar) / Shoes: BooHoo 
 Bag: French Connection (similar style) / Ear Crawler: Betsey Johnson 
Rings: Edge Of Ember, Satya

When the temps went up a little bit last week, I just couldn't resist bringing these jeans back out.  My favorite thing about them is their loose & comfortable fit.  They just give off this effortless vibe.  So many things pair well with them too, so this time I went with one of my favorite sweaters.  I've definitely worn this sweater a ton of times over the last few months.  I kept this look super simple with black pumps and of course, that black cross body bag again. :)

I also brought the bun back out!  Well this time, the messy bun. #ILikeBigBunsAndICannotLie
  I think this might be my new hairstyle for the warmer months.  I actually prefer it over the sock bun.  I posted a photo of it on instagram and got some questions about how I did it.  If I can create a photo tutorial for this I will, but let me try to briefly explain the steps.  It's best to do this the day after you curl your hair.  Tie your hair up in a messy way.  The more hair sticking out the better.  Then you just start to shape the bun by pinning your hair into place.  Doing it this way gives you full control over how you want it to look.  It honestly took me several tries to get it just right.  You can also try to just pin it all up without using the rubber band, but this is a little more difficult.  I hope that made sense! I think sometimes I do my hair without even realizing how I did it. lol 

Happy Tuesday!

-Get The Look-